Submission and Style Guidelines

Published on September th, 2013



Here at Ready Player Two we are a thriving and diverse team, and we like that to show in our reviews. Our articles are a really important aspect of what we do. Reviewing video games helps developers locate what they’ve done right, or wrong in their games, and reviews ultimately grind down to helping you decide where to spend your money.


Don’t be afraid to pitch an article from an angle we have not covered, we’re all unique, and we like to encourage that your personality shows in your written submissions. We won’t reject your piece if it has ‘swears’ in it, so long as they’re artfully placed.


As for specific types of articles, that is up to you as a contributor, we won’t tell you what to write! Some of the kinds of pieces that we have published in the past include interviews with industry professionals or other notables, explorations of game elements, profiles of game companies, post-mortems of a favourite game, and comedic discussions on the state of the industry. This is not an exhaustive list; feel free to send an article that you think our audience would like to read and that you can write effectively. Those are the only two restrictions.


All submissions should be single spaced with a space between each paragraph. Please do not indent paragraphs. Include a title and your byline, traditionally a short (2 sentence maximum) biographical description which may include links to blogs or websites. Titles of games and publications should be capitalized within the document; there is no need to place asterisks around titles.


For interviews, please list contact information for the interviewee(s). Articles can be emailed in any of these formats: Word Document (either .doc Word 1997-2003 or .docx Word 2007 is acceptable), Rich Text (.rtf) or Plain Text (.txt).

Please email your submissions to



Ready Player Two strives for our feature articles to be as concisely written as possible without sacrificing your voice. To that end, we have our own editorial team who will work through your written submission(s) with you in order to mould them into suitable pieces for our publication (where necessary).


When you submit your work you will receive an email confirming it was received and that everything is in good order. Your article will then go through a rigorous editing process before being returned to you. You will then have the chance to read the changes and state whether you are happy to have this work published. It’s rare that a second revision pass will be necessary, but it’s not unheard of. The editor will make edits or word changes until he/she is satisfied with the article, before publication.


Feel free to promote your article by linking through Twitter, Facebook or your blog or website, we will promote it through our own social media, which in turn will help expose your work to the world.

Our community is our lifeblood, so make use of them and respond positively to the comments of our readers. Healthy debate is a good thing for the gaming industry and our audience enjoys engaging with our writers. They are the most honest feedback you will get, it’s them you have to impress in order to succeed.


Style guidelines

You have free reign of your creative content, but please make sure that it adheres to a singular grammatical style. Follow our guide below, and most of all, enjoy writing your submission.

  • Ready Player Two, the title of the website, should be capitalized and written in italics when referred to in the text.
  • Please capitalize the titles of videogames and all works of art within the document. Do not place an asterisk before titles.
  • For emphasis, please use bold. Do not use all caps, underline, or italics.
  • Etc. – spell out only if used in a direct quote.
  • Possessive of names ending in “s”; use apostrophes (Alexis’) only, not ‘s
  • Prefer digits (1960s, 1970s, ’70s, ’80s, etc.) to spelled out decades.
  • Quotes within a quote are separated with single quotation marks.
  • Periods and commas are used inside quotes.
  • Videogame, not video game
  • Companies are “it”s, not “they”s
  • PlayStation, Xbox 360, Wii Remote
  • All quotes require attribution, even if the speaker is implied.Games Industry Specific Guidelines:


  • PvP (as in Player vs. Player)
  • email
  • internet
  • roleplay
  • gameplay
  • magazine (not ezine or zine)
  • net (not Net or ‘net)
  • web (not Web)
  • Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition (not Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition)
  • Use lowercase when referring to a job description, uppercase when it is a title. (“Blizzard is looking for a lead designer.” vs. “Sam Smith is the Lead Designer for Blizzard.”)
  • online
  • AoE
  • experience not exp, xp
  • hardcore
  • FPS = first person shooter
  • fps = frames per second
  • MMORPG (not Mmorpg or mmorpg)

Our suggested lengths are as follows:

Previews, 300-500 words long.

Reviews 500-800 words long.

Features 800-1200 words long.