RP2 EGX Live

Published on September 28th, 2018

After our Carpool Podcast that night we all had a few beers and for the first time ever sat in one room together to give more of our instant reactions to what we had seen over the previous 3 days at EGX2018. Overall we had a superb time at the expo even if we are suffering in the aftermath we made lots of new friends with the guys running the booths and played LOTS of new games!

Some highlights from this episode are:

Everyone is still ill and broken, Andy loves his Disney blanket. Lee might die, El is fresh to death, Games is good, New things are scary, Indie games are better than AAA, EGX2018 and Rezzed section were the best yet, OPEN THE FLOOD GATES, Lewis looks for himself, more queues, good old fashion book destruction, The lost art of psychological horror, Ross doesn’t play with people, the return of “Ross’s Nintendo News”, Fuck you steak, mid-podcast selfies, Simon Marshall – The nicest man in games, Lee gets totes emosh, expensive sandwiches, OUTTAKES and dont forget El is better than you and your kid.

      • The Division
      • Strange Brigade
      • Call of Duty
      • The Book Ritual
      • Moa Moa
      • Catastronauts
      • The Persistence
      • Mario Party
      • Man of Medan
      • NBA Playgrounds 2
      • DodgeBrawl
      • HyperBrawl
      • Tick Tock: A Tale For Two
      • Between Stations

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