Published on October th, 2013

1Name: Richard Horsley
Zebwen / newbe5
    Host / Media Manager / Silence Eater
XBL:    Zebwen
PSN: Zebwen
Steam: newbe5


It doesn’t really matter what it is, I’ll play it once. Probably twice, if I like it. Been playing games as long as I can remember and despite a wife and three kids trying to get me to do “more important things” like “eating” and “tidying the house” I don’t intend to stop any time soon 😉

So what do you do?:

I handle the graphic design and tech for RP2 (Website design, tshirts, forums, marketing material), as well as editing together all our video content… This is why I never have any time to eat 🙁 Oh yeah… I also host the podcast 😉


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