[Review] Peggle 2: Am I High? Nope, I’m just playing a Peggle sequel

Published on February 16th, 2014

From the moment any Xbox lover found Peggle, they knew that they had an addiction on their hands, and no matter how much you wanted to put controller down you just couldn’t do it. Even if you knew it was 2 o’clock at night and you had work in the morning, you would still have the same sentence going though your head. ‘Just one more board and then I’ll get some sleep’. A game that is this highly addictive deserves a sequel, and now we have one in the form of Peggle 2.
For those who have never played the original Peggle titles, it is basically an almost pinball style of game in which you fire a ball at orange and blue pins in order to beat each level and score as many points as you can. Sounds great, right? It may not sound like the game for the typical hardcore gamer, but once you’ve given Peggle 2 a go then you just simply won’t want to put your controller down as it improves so much beyond the original game.




 The gameplay for me wasn’t even the most entertaining of part of the game. That was left down the absolute beautiful and oddly bizarre graphics and surroundings that made up Peggle 2. I mean where else in game would you be able to see a unicorn bounce around a rainbow filled field with classic nursery rhymes being played in the background. It is a really pleasing thing to look at and truly this will never get old as classic characters and new levels come into the game. After seeing all these bright colours, all I can think of is the designer of Peggle 2 is either a brilliant artist or he has been smoking something he shouldn’t be.
In terms of gameplay then sequel really hasn’t changed much from the original, which is good. I mean if it isn’t broke then don’t fit it which is exactly the attitude they have taken on the design. The levels are still challenging and are long in length and on top of the extra trial modes they bring in next to these levels then I guaranty you will have a lot to play and keep you occupied.




The most major in Peggle 2 for me is their improvement on their character designs as they have given them a lot more personality than in previous instalments. We can now really see what each character is like though their improved animation, which makes me get more attached to them as they all have their own cute reactions to when you win or lose a level. I sometimes just want to fail a level when I get a new character, just so I can see what their reaction will be. Each character has their own specially ability to help you though out the game and at the end of the final few levels you will find yourself picking your favourite to assist you, wherever it may be a flashy unicorn or robotic gnome you will always prefer one to the other which just shows you how much these characters mean to you during your play though. My only complaint is that these five are the only ones available, and the developers PopCap Games have no plans to reveal any new DLC any time soon. Which is a shame, as I would love to see more loveable characters to fall in love with all over again.




The complaints I can have with Peggle 2, is that it tries too hard to use the Xbox One’s features and all it does for me is lead to disappoint results. I have allot of annoyance with it using the Xbox One’s new recording system which seems to record every single shot that the game thinks is impressive, when you the player, really don’t. This is extremely annoying as I don’t want to waste my time deleting old clips from my hard drive because they’re taking up space. I have more problems with the fact I have to install all my games on to the fucking hard drive so why the hell would I want pointless clips taking up that space. Also the Kinect doesn’t embrace its potential as the voice and motion commands are poor. Due to this, the lining of each shot won’t be completely on target as you just couldn’t line it up perfectly. It really is something you would only play once before you head back to the controller again.

Peggle 2 for me is a brilliant downloadable for any kind of gamer and can easily be used as fun time waster. The gameplay remains at a brilliant quality and with the animations and design of the characters being improved it serves up as a more than worthy successor. The constant recording of ‘impressive’ shots may annoy you at first, but trust me you will move on from it quickly. You won’t see anything this colourful and fun for only £9.99. But if you want the colourful and happy affects and don’t want to spend £9.99 then you can always pop down your local dark alley and buy some questionable looking powder. Although I would recommend that you don’t.


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