[Review] NBA 2K13

Published on May 5th, 2013

Favouring the more violent American sports of UFC and NFL, I approached the world of basketball with caution to begin with-  If only at first it proved a clever strategy, I was overwhelmed with the sheer depth of 2k13.

The Career mode option, is incredibly in depth. You start by creating your ‘Pro’ – fairly standard so far. After filling out all the necessary info height, weight, position, abilities, etc. you move on to the rookie showcase game where you play against the best rookies in the upcoming draft.  You are then interviewed by three NBA teams interested in your services who will ask up to three questions to determine your character, be that cocky, confident etc. After the interviews you move on to the all important draft. (In all the times I’ve made it to the draft, I have always been drafted regardless of my performance in the rookie showcase).

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Once you’ve made the draft by whichever team takes a chance on you, a nice little billboard appears from your team proclaiming you as the next up and coming Michael Jordan. After this delight, you go to the ‘player hub’. From here, you can upgrade your player’s stats using  ‘Virtual Coins’  rewarded to you during the game.  Play well, or being a good team player gets you more coins, playing poorly or selfishly – will hardly get you any.

The aim of the career mode is to ultimately progress into the NBA hall of fame. There are a number of goals you need to achieve to do this, such as score 10,000 points , win the MVP award and such.

The presentation of the actual on-court games are truly phenomenal. Having played many sports games in my 29 years- this by far and away blows the rest out of the water. From the three man commentary team,  to the on-court reporter keeping you updated with stats and commenting on things you have said in previous post match press conferences. There isn’t a detail the developers have missed- it is simply flawless .

Currently, I haven’t even touched the Online, association or blacktop game modes, all of which I’m sure are just as stupendous.


If I were to give this game a overall rating and as it’s the first game review on the site- it looks like I get to choose the style of ratings we give. I’m going to plump for a 10 point scale and NBA 2K13 Scores a incredible 9.5 out of 10.

It’s truly brilliant!


Things I recommend to eat whilst playing this game –  

You need something small and easy to grab so recommend Cheese Balls (keeping to the NBA spirit)


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