[Review] Humble Sale: Positech Games

Published on July 28th, 2013

Got more time than money on your hands? Grab a bundle and have some strategical fun with Positech.


This week’s humble sale features four titles from Positech games, another indie company that deserves a little love. The four games range from tower defense to life simulator, a nice mixed bag for you to sink your teeth into. Not looking like something I’d normally go for, I was soon surprised. These games are interesting little nuggets of awesome that need a little exploration on our part.

Positech is a one-man workforce, run by a British chap known as Cliff Harris. He has years of experience under his belt and has worked for people like Lionhead Studios and Maxis. This gent focuses more on what’s fun and entertaining about games and less about hype and hoo-hah.

As always, it’s pay what you want. Pay over the average and you get the fourth title, Democracy 2. (If you want steam codes for Gratuitous Space Battles and Gratuitous Tank Battles you’ll have to pay over $1). The average price at time of print is $3.09, which is £2.01. This edition of the sale will be donating funds to Barefoot College and The American Red Cross, both great causes, and a great reason to get and play more games right?

Kudos 2


A plain game, but I still love it!

For the Sims lover inside of you! We all know you’ve skipped meals to make a giant swimming pool of death surrounding your house that not only killed the mail man, but that snooty Mortimer too. We won’t judge. This little time munching machine is a 2D turn-based life sim, that spans 10 years of your character’s life.


Don’t you fret Coco. You’ll be an alcoholic guitarist in no time.


Worry not, there are only seven days in a month. You work 5 days in a week. In the evenings you can choose to do one activity, ranging from reading a book, having a bath or going out to the cinema (if you’ve got the cash that is). On the weekends you can choose two activities. Each task has varying effects on your character’s stats.

Graphically, it’s not a looker. There’s little to no on screen action which can make for a slow-moving game. It’s soundtrack is also uninspiring, however, if you can look past those flaws you’ll find yourself wondering where the evening went.

The game is just a bunch of turn-based decisions, which will not appeal to all of you, but there’s humour to be found here, and those with a love of living vicariously through others will like this game more than a little. If you’re into your fast-paced blow-their-heads-off kind of game, this one might not tickle your fancy.

From my initial ‘meh’ response, I clicked play, and two hours melted to nothing.



I expect much more lens flare in the future


Gratuitous Space Battles

Tower defense in space! Explosions and building. If you find your average tower-defense game no longer as exciting as it once was Positech have experimented with the idea of tower defense and put some great spins on it.

It’s all about strategy here, don’t be fooled by the in-game screenshots, it’s no RTS. You design and build a fleet of space ships to engage in intergalactic warfare with other space-fleets. You have a limited budget, and a certain number of ships you can deploy amongst other deciding factors that you must account for when figuring out your battle plan. Having made your fleet and looked at what will effect your game, you give some orders, letting the ships know what to burn and where to stick what, and you leave them to it. You get to sit back and watch your little hellions do their thing.


Explosions that put Michael Bay to shame

There is no plot. Only ‘splosions. This game offers no narrative, so you’ll find none of the wordy-stuff here. If your looking for something a little bit more deeper in a game, this one might not quench your thirst, but if you’re looking for a tower defense game that challenges your preconceptions about the genre this one is right up your street.


Ruggedy Manly Titles


Gratuitous Tank Battles

Play a few too many in-browser tower-defence games and now they all taste the same? A little bit bored of the repetition? Again Positech have created a tower-defense game with a difference.

I have racked up too many hours to be proud of on Ninja Kiwi’s Bloons, and suffice to say, normally, it’s; played one tower-defense game, played them all. No, here you can be the invading force, you can design and customize your towers and units, you get to be more in control of the game.



It’s no monkey with a dart but I’ll take it!

In Gratuitous Tank Battles there’s no time for plot lines, only tank battles! And there are a load of them to trudge through. If you still haven’t tired of this genre, it’ll be a noteworthy notch to put in your steam library



A Game of Lies.


Democracy 2

A government simulation game. I never thought I’d hear that one, but here it is! You start out by choosing which fictional nation you’ll be governing over, and then the work begins. You’ll have to make choices that effect not just your pocket, but also the voters too. Just like real life, there are differing factions, each with their own pet-peeves and ways to win over. Even the smallest choice will have repercussions and it really sets your brain ticking on how to win over everyone, (but you won’t). You’ll have to set the tax rates, pay off the national debt and keep the masses as happy as you can.


Nice beard dude. Vote for me.

You’ll have to fulfill your policies, which are two promises made on election, (think ”I’m going to cut unemployment rates”) and you must meet these conditions before your next election or face the people’s cynicism. There are also varying ‘situations’ that occur in-game and you’ll have to deal with those too, whether it be high pollution or homelessness.

For those of you that like City Tycoon, or Sim City, this is your jam.


All in all, for £2.01 I think it’s a bloody bargain for a few neat little games made by a cat-loving Brit who knows his stuff.


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