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Published on March 20th, 2014

What can you do in 10 seconds? Perhaps you can spin around 10 times, run 100 metres just like Usain Bolt or destroy a relentless Nazi robot army from space which is ruled by a huge robot Adolf Hitler? In 10 Second Ninja, one of these is certainly possible. Looking to make the most of intensely paced gameplay and intriguing environments, 10 Second Ninja has been developed by GameDesignDan (Dan Pearce) and published by Mastertronic.


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The first thing you’ll notice when you start 10 Second Ninja is just how beautiful the game looks. The colourful and warm glows of the opening levels make the game seem innocent and fun. While this game is definitely fun, it doesn’t come from the fact that you play as a ninja who can double-jump around levels. The meat of the pie is definitely in the challenge.
Fans of Super Meat Boy will know how addictive a restart button becomes when you are trying to master a level. The constant need to shave milliseconds off of your time becomes an addiction to try and achieve all 3 stars. If you manage to beat the level within 10 seconds, you will receive 1 star. The simplicity of the gameplay and “one more go” attitude towards the game makes it impossible at times to put down. If you receive anything below 3 stars, you always feel as if you have to do better before progressing.


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The controls in 10 Second Ninja are easy to learn and react brilliantly when you have to combine two moves or more. At heart the game is a platformer and while the combat mechanics are precise, they take a back seat as the wonderful jumping actions are one of the finest parts of the game. Timing your jumps to perfection is as addictive as it is frustrating, but in a good way. The best way to play the game is definitely via an Xbox 360 controller. The combat offers two varieties of attack: the ninja has a sword and 3 shurikens per level, meaning you have to be precise when taking down your metallic foes.
Although the enemies don’t offer much variety, the aim of the game is to destroy them as quickly as possible. Some enemies require more than one hit to be destroyed and this throws up its own challenge. In addition to the standard robot or commander robot enemies, the end of each level requires you to battle robot Hitler and hit him 3 times, without shurikens, to win. The aftermath of these battles result in humorous cut-scenes starring robot Hitler.


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In terms of varying gameplay, 10 Second Ninja feels almost like a one trick pony at times. When you have played the first level, you have experienced everything the main character has to offer. There are environmental objects in your way as the game progresses, which increases the difficulty but the platforming aspect is the same throughout.
10 Second Ninja is a wonderful and unique game which helps make platform games unique and addictive again. For the gamers who enjoy challenging themselves and comparing themselves to fellow players, they will constantly be viewing the leaderboard to see how they rank. With 40 different levels that are all designed to frustrate you and have you constantly pressing restart, 10 Second Ninja is a great experience and a game which I’ll be playing for some time yet.
Oh, did I happen to mention you’re a ninja?
10 Second Ninja is available now for $9.99 | £6.99 | €7.99 via:
Steam-     http://store.steampowered.com/app/271670/
Get Games-http://www.getgamesgo.com/product/10-second-ninja

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