Ready Player Two Needs You!

Published on September th, 2013

SliderTemplateReady Player Two is a young, pioneering video game review site with a burgeoning interactive community. We launched in late March 2013 and we’ve been growing bigger than we could ever have hoped. If you are a writer looking to build up your portfolio and gain work experience in the video game journalism industry, then this is where you want to start. You don’t need experience as we don’t judge your standards on whether or not you’ve been published, but we do ask that you stick to our submission guidelines.


Alas, we’re not in the position to pay you for your submissions, (yet), but we will expose you via our site and our social media. We also have a supportive editorial team that will give you constructive feedback, and you’ll also have us for a reference when you go on to work for other publications. Those loyal enough to submit one submission per week for three months, will earn the title of staff writer and gain an about page on our website to showcase their own links for the duration of their service.

If you’re interested you can find out our submission guidelines and style guide here.