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Published on August 22nd, 2013

Pewdiepie might not have converted you to his Bro-army, but this new Humble Bundle offers a round-house punch of entertainment to the face, and should tempt you even if you harbor nega-feels towards the pewds.


Once again we’ve got a new tantalizing weekly bundle to tickle your fancy. Pewdiepie might be a bit like Marmite, but his chosen games are palatable and definitely worth a look at. Currently the average is priced at a £1.87, cheaper than a Starbucks, just as tasty and the enjoyment lasts infinitely longer. This sale is available to linux, mac and windows users, so no one feels left out. Here be a handy rundown of this week’s chosen ones.




Amanita Design have produced one of the cutesiest point and click games in existence. Lantern, Mr. Twig, Mr. Poppy Head, Mr. Feather and Mrs. Mushroom must save the last seeds of their home tree from being destroyed by evil parasitic beings, who are eating them up. To help the seeds reach their destiny you must solve various puzzles by interacting with the environment and implementing the various skills of your motley entourage of characters.

Relatively simplistic point and click delivered in a charmingly engaging way. Lovely to look at and easy to pick up and play. I think I’ll be saving this one for when I have kids, so that they can indulge in this easy-access world.




An old school 8-bit point and click. This time you must save the day from certain explodey doom. You have twenty seconds to make a decision. This can sometime become an infuriatingly inane game that relies on a bizarre kind of logic. If you can put up with replaying levels repeatedly in order to finally discover what places to click in what order you’ll find a certain kind of pleasure out of the game.

Worth a play if you want something different, and don’t mind dying a few times in order to reach the conclusion to a puzzle.


The Showdown Effect


You have friends? Great! Now you can all play this 90’s action fest together. Everyone loves a cliché and Showdown effect takes the piss out of them. You select between 8 characters, and the silver-screen hilarity can commence. You have an arsenal that ranges from katanas and brollies to shotguns and baseball bats. A 2.5D multiplayer death match, great fun for groups of mates.5


Revive your competitive nature by quashing your relatives. If they’ll play that is.


Thomas Was Alone


Released originally as a browser game in 2010 created by indie designer Mike Bithell. The game follows AI’s of various sizes and shapes with individual names and abilities. You must guide them to their end points at each level, utilising each of their skills in order to successfully traverse the blocky and dangerous landscape.
A plain-Jane game to look at, consisting of various 2-d platforms and coloured shapes for characters. Well if its looks aren’t winning any prizes then the narrated dialogue is. Charming and unique amidst the usual bland and forced dialogues amongst many games Thomas Was Alone provides greater characterization of 2-d shapes than most games can accomplish with fully rendered human models. The sound track is unobtrusive and adds to the relaxed feel that this game has.


I have an immense love of the narration in this game. Too good to miss.

All in all, it’s a simple-pleasures kind of game, combining puzzles that aren’t too mind boggling with platforming elements that aren’t too frustrating, to make a pleasurable wind-down kind of game. Explore the ‘world’ of these cheeky little AI’s and have a chuckle along the way. When the first line makes you crack a smile you know you’ve found a winner.

Great for those who love a bit of story and not demanding so it’s easily accessible to casual players.


If you pay more than the average, you’ll also receive:

Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


If you’ve not watched the reams of youtube videos where people screech like newborns because of this game, wait till 3 am, turn off all the lights, put on your headphones and play in an attic room. Bonus points if you have a rattley boiler and your housemates turn off the power and sneak in to scare the beejesus out of you.

For those unfamiliar with this popular survival horror, you play as Daniel, an unlucky souls who’s trapped in a dark and foreboding castle along with monster friends, who really want to hug your face. You must avoid the monsters, by sneaking about, hiding in cupboards and so on, whilst maintaining your sanity, which gets depleted in the darkness. Also the monsters are drawn to your light like moths to a flame. The subsequent fright fest is punctuated by various puzzles and obstacles which need to be overcome in order to progress in the game.



What a charming smile you have there friend! Allow me to appreciate it from the next country over.



This bundle is an absolute steal, and perfect for both casual and the more time-invested gamer. It has a mix of genres from point and click adventure to bricking yourself horror. Worth it’s place in any game library.

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