Indiepalooza Part 2! Top Indie Games to Watch Out For in 2013.

Published on July 26th, 2013

Time for the second instalment of our Indiepalooza indie game roundup week! If you missed Part 1, check it out here! But let’s assume you are all caught up and go for it!

Dead State

Flying straight in with zombies! Dead state is a top-down zombie survival RPG extremely reminiscent of the original two Fallout games (it even uses turn-based combat). Think of this as top-down single player turn-based DayZ.

The big difference here is that ~Dead State will have a story, missions and interactivity (something lacking from DayZ. This little beauty managed to achieve over double the funding target on kickstarter, and having loved the original Fallout games, and also being huge fans of zombie survival, we are pretty excited about this one!

For you if: You loved Fallout 1 and 2, you like survival games, you like zombies.

Not for you if: You enjoy fast paced combat, or dislike turn-based combat mechanics.



Steam Greenlight:

Platforms: PC

Release: Estimated December 2013

How do zombies look from above?

Project Zomboid

Look familiar? Apparently top-down zombie survival RPG’s are like buses… You wait and you wait, and then two of the buggers come along at once. Unlike it’s spiritual brother above, Project Zomboid doesn’t have a turn-based combat system, instead favouring real-time zombie bashing, but it is also favouring a considerably more 8-bit visual style.

Project Zomboid is shaping up to be chock full of content, even delivering the ability to create and mod your own content within the game. which one of these will shake up the zombie survival genre in the long run? Our money is on Dead State, but with Project Zomboid planning on adding multiplayer to their game in the future, you never know!

For you if: You liked the idea of Dead State, if you like top-down RPG’s.

Not for you if: You dislike 8-bit graphical syles, if you want faster gameplay.


Steam Greenlight:

Platforms: Pc, Mac

Release: You can buy a copy NOW, but the game is in constant development!

8-bit zombies? Awww, go on then!

Road Redemption

Ever played a little game called Road Rash? wish that someone would make a fully 3D version with good graphics, fast-paced gameplay and online multiplayer? Well this may just be the game for you. Race down linear roads smashing, shooting and kicking your way through other bikers on your way to a blood soaked victory. Well, that’s how I ride, anyway…

Road Redemption has already been kickstarter funded and can be pre-ordered from their website already, although it isn’t due for release until August 2014!

For you if: You loved road rash, or enjoy adrenaline-fuelled racing / combat games.

Not for you if: You don’t enjoy super-linear racing games, you weren’t a fan of Road Rash.



Steam Greenlight:

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Wii-U, Xbox 360

Release: August 2014

Remember. Rubbin’ is Racin’. Rubrubrub.

else { Heart.break() }

So, this one is going to be a bit tough to describe. You are a guy, a normal guy, presented with a world that is made of computers and code. You start slamming keys, and soon realize that by manipulating the code, you can transform your own world… Welcome to else { Heart.break() }.

The idea behind this game is that you will be ACTUALLY changing program code in order to manipulate objects and behaviour within the game you are playing, and best of all you don’t need any prior programming experience to do it. This game is gaining serious points for thinking outside of the box. This game is still in VERY early development, but we wanted to let you know about it, as we love it when people break the gaming status quo!

For you if: You want something different, a game that isn’t afraid to break from the norm and try something completely new!

Not for you if: You don’t want to follow the white rabbit.


Release: Unknown.

Platforms: Unknown.

With no gameplay footage, we are stuck showing you a video of some Swedish bloke… Enjoy!

Ether One

Some people are messed up in the head. Well never fear, in Ether One, you can fix them! Maybe. In this incredibly detailed and graphically stunning first person game you play as a “Restorer” an individual contracted to enter the fractured minds of people with mental health issues in order to piece their mind together again.

With a graphical style that reminds us strongly of Bioshock and a mind-melting story a-la Inception, Ether One is turning in to something that makes us smile at the thought of it. We are confident that this is one to watch!

For you if: You enjoy mind-bending psychological trips and beyond-the-norm gameplay.

Not for you if: You like shooting stuff.


Steam Greenlight:

Platforms: PC

Release: 2013

You want a video? You read my mind…


Is it a car? Is it a plane? Is it your HUD? Yes. Yes it is all of those things and more. Distance is a high-octane, high speed racing extravaganza reminiscent of Wipeout if you painted the cars with Tron. Neon, speed, backflips, flying stunts, multiplayer. Yes, yes this will do nicely.

Distance shot right past it’s £125k Kickstarter goal back in November 2012 and is now well on it’s way to becoming a reality. Even if your not a fan of racing games, you have to see the appeal here, and having your HUD on the back of the car is a genius idea that makes us wonder why nobody has done it before?

For you if: You enjoyed Wipeout, Burnout or Need for Speed. Being a Tron fan is a plus.

Not for you if: You aren’t a fan of racing games, or prefer racing realism.



Steam Greenlight:

Release: Unknown.

Platforms: PC, Linux, Mac

If Vin Diesel were in Tron, it might look like this:

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey

Back in 1999 a small (at the time) Norwegian game developer called Funcom surprised everyone by releasing one of the richest and most fulfilling adventure games of it’s generation. The Longest Journey was critically acclaimed and left fans grasping for more. Well, more came in 2006 in the form of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. Complete with a new heroine and revamped systems, this title again won everyone over with it’s undeniable charm and engrossing storyline.

Well, Ragnar Tørnquist, who wrote and directed the first two games for Funcom is not done yet, and wanted to continue this much loved universe in to a third game. Working with a new independent developer, Red Thread Games they headed over to Kickstarter to see if gamers were also interested in continuing this Longest Journey with them.

Well, they were. In a HUGE way. Dreamfall chapters blew right past it’s $850k target and landed squarely on a stonking $1.5 MILLION. This game is happening. It’s going to be huge. And we are probably the most excited about this title than any other. Let’s hope it can live up to the dream!

For you if: You love point and click adventure games, engrossing storyline, a rich and well conceived universe.

Not for you if: You don’t want a lot of dialogue, or are after a combat based game.



Steam Greenlight:

Release: Estimated November 2014

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

How does the dream look so far?

That’s it for part 2 of our 2013 indie game round-up! We will be bringing you EVEN MORE games to watch out for very soon, and we will be discussing ALL of these games on the next edition of the Ready Player 2 podcast, so make sure you check it out!

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