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Published on February 4th, 2014

If you listen to our podcast you will be well aware that I am a big Nintendo fan. It’s the console I grew up with and most, if not all, of my childhood gaming memories are on a SNES.

Skip to the present day and Nintendo are currently having a pretty bad time, with annual reports released last week that show a £335 Million pound operating loss for this past financial year, this is clearly not a great thing.

But I have a solution and if Nintendo listen to me, I can solve all their problems in a few easy steps.

Step one, this is a controversial one, but make it a Nintendo only console. Enough with the poor second rate conversions onto the Wii. The first party Nintendo-made games are top quality, there is no denying this; look at the review scores for proof, recently Super Mario 3D World scored an average of 93 on Metacritic, and The Legend on Zelda: The Wind Waker HD followed closely behind with an average score of 90. This would be a massive risk, granted as it would be the first real console to try doing this, but as most 3rd party devs don’t enjoy putting games on the Wii U, or the Wii for that matter why not take the chance?

Step two, move away from the Gimmicks! If you’ve heard the last few podcasts you will have heard Rich make the statement that he was “…burnt by the Wii and its gimmicks.” Let’s face it we all got pulled in by this newfangled motion controlled system with the silly name. If you shelled out for one you, like a lot of people, probably found that after 15 mins of playing tennis and throwing your arms around, you tried sitting down and found that you could get the same in-game response from a simple flick of the wrist. The Wii U gimmick of the game pad is a different beast though, in my mind at least. It’s been put to particularly good use in the Wii U Exclusive Lego City Undercover, where it acts as an in game communicator with your police head quarters, along with many, many more functions. It also serves the great purpose of you being able to play the current game you’re playing on the game pad itself, thus freeing up your TV screen for your wife to watch all the NCIS she likes, (or maybe that’s just me). When I purchased the console I made sure to buy a Pro controller with it, this is essentially a Xbox 360 controller, so if you, like me, want to just play with something you feel comfortable in, then this immediately improves the situation massively. What I’m basically saying, is to package your consoles with a regular controller Nintendo.

And finally my third step, sort out your god damn online options. These have improved in recent years since the Wii was first launched, but it’s far from great. Let’s start with the e-shop; ADD MORE GAMES TO IT! You have this amazing library of fantastic games that goes right back to the NES days. Take advantage of this by adding more of these classics, but makes sure they are reasonably priced. I don’t want to pay £9.99 for a NES game in 2014. Secondly sort out the fucking friend code situation, what a ball-ache it is to let alone find your 12 YES TWELVE digit code. Give us a friend list like every other gaming giant has, and save us the pains of the convoluted and archaic system you use now.

So there you have it. That’s my guide on how Nintendo can make themselves a market leader again. Admittedly step one is risky, and it’s a big move, but if they could pull off a Nintendo only console with the same power as a Xbox One or PS4 with Nintendo first party developed games I’m in; my Xbox would be shamed into lack of use.

Or just release Mario/Zelda/Smash Bros on Xbox One and that would work for me.


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