[Feature] Bonding With Telltale – Why James Bond Should Return

Published on January 16th, 2014

When I read that Telltale president Kevin Bruner mentioned being a massive James Bond fan and wanting to tackle James Bond as a video game, the geek sounds that emitted from me were previously unheard of to any that know me. The pure delight and wonder of the possibilities filled me with a joy I hadn’t experienced since blowing my friends sky high with a wall covered in mines on GoldenEye 64. Those days have unfortunately come and gone in a market completely oversaturated with games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Halo where multiplayer is the leading component. It’s all fun and games when Pierce Brosnan is James Bond and driving tanks through city streets and invisible cars through an ice palace is a daily routine but now that we have an established Daniel Craig in the tux and the franchise seemingly returned to its roots, James Bond is more than just a one man army these days. He needs something more or in gaming terms, something less.



I was originally thinking of saying something to my enjoyment of the early era of Bond games like Nightfire and Everything or Nothing and how there’s no way I could see the point-and-click styled system coming close to even competing with what has been done before by EA and to a lesser degree Activision, but Bruner makes good points; less of a focus on guns could be a very interesting scenario for a James Bond game. After all, when I think of 007, first person shooters and killing sprees do not come to mind. Stealth, spies, women, exotic locations, gadgets, witty one-liners… this is my James Bond.

For any that have read the source material, Fleming made Bond out to be a smug son of a bitch that wouldn’t quit until the mission was complete. He would use any woman to obtain what he needed, and would go to any lengths to do what was needed of him for his country. However, this man still had limitations, he still suffered from heartbreak. The man you were reading about and following was still human, not some super soldier. Casino Royale covers all the angles needed to understand this; determination, pain, torture, love, heartbreak, remorse, grief and anger. The series was about the intrigue, suspense, betrayal, and the up close and intensely dangerous action sequences. In other words, it’s the perfect mix of ingredients for a future Telltale game. These are things that Telltale could cover with their little finger alone, given their recent track record.

After the disastrous efforts put forth by Activision with two GoldenEye remakes, an extremely subpar original story with Blood Stone and the atrocious 007 Legends, I was ready to give just about any company the benefit of the doubt by taking on the James Bond franchise, but given the recent turn of events, I not only wish Telltale take over and make one hell of a spy story starring the suave British love machine, I’m basically hoping we will it into existence. However, with Telltale covering The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and comments being tossed around about a desire to make a Star Wars game, these Bond comments are coming off pretty farfetched at the moment. But hey, a geek can dream right?

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