Episode 75: Can’t Hurt Me if I Don’t Move

Published on May 24th, 2018

Dim the lights. Put some Luther Vandross on the record player. Light a few candles and pour the wine – we’re about to get podcasty! Rich pulls a sicky due to extreme alcohol and age so Ross steps up to fill his void. El and Lee turn up, so he at least has someone to talk to.

On this episode –

All El’s birthday wishes come true, and she explains her Love/Hate relationship with Kratos in God of War

Lee is subjected to The Bellow’s as a birthday gift, sprays people in their faces in Pavlov, and gets all the crap scared out of him in AFFECTED: The Manor.

Ross completes us as a podcast with what is possibly not going to be the final instalment of Firewatch and sends mixed messages with Not Tonight.

We wrap up with some community questions and the ever-popular outtakes.

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