Episode 66: My Bathroom Is A Pokemon Dogging Site

Published on July 18th, 2016


Let the sausage party commence for the long awaited(ish) special video game movie episode! Before Rich, Ross, Lee and Lewis go straight for the main event they go through some of the usual features.

– Pokemon Go!
– FarCry Blood Dragon
– Civ V
– South Park and The Stick of Truth
– Prison Architect

– Pokemon Go released
– Evolve goes F2P
– PS4 Spider-Man wont be out “any time soon”

In the segment the guys were supposed to decide if video game movies were any good. What actually happened was they shouted about the films the didn’t like and then shouted a bit more about the ones they did like.
Movies featured:
– Super Mario Bros
– FarCry
– Silent Hill
– Resident Evil
– Doom
– Alone in the Dark
– Prince of Persia
– Tekken
– Street Fighter
– Mortal Kombat

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