EGX2018 Carpool Podcast

Published on September 27th, 2018

On our way back to Rich’s house after Saturday at #EGX, Ross pulled out his … Recording equipment and recorded everyone chatting about games they played that day and their instant reactions to them. Audio quality isn’t the best but we are in a car so give us a break yeah.

Some highlights from this episode are:

Everyone’s sick, Rich and Lee play Beat Saber…again, El’s a beast, “gits gud” at sportsballs and gives developers “The Fear”, Rich is shit at Tetris, Lewis uses Rich to stab someone in the mouth, everyone loves beanbags, Andy likes balls, Rich is a poor winner, Ross gets whooped at sportsball, Fortnite as far as the eye can see, Overwatch tournaments as far as the eye can see, Nintendo are great, Everyone wants a Switch, Rich has a walnut sized bladder, Lewis gets revenge and burns everyone to a crisp, no one likes spaceship fences, Lewis kicks a cat playing golf, Rich nearly runs over a cat, everyone has a beer.

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