EGX 2015: Game of the Show!

Published on October 1st, 2015

EGX-Vermintide-FeaturedImageEGX has come and gone, leaving most of us with a small hole in our hearts. A hole that has been swiftly filled with the horrible flu / cold / hybrid illness that inevitably comes from a melting pot of unhealthy geeks touching each other by proxy.

But take solace, because it was all worth it. EGX this year was full of surprises, fun, and some bloody excellent games, a lot of which we will be talking about on upcoming pods. But one stood out for us. One among many.

Mostly because it was goddamn excellent.

Basically, if you haven’t seen Warhammer: The End TimesVermintide yet (we just call it Vermintide, or “That awesome game with axes an’ stuff”) then get your face in gear and go check it out. Think “Left 4 Dead” but with giant walking rats instead of zombies, actual classes which adds an excellent varied gameplay and tactical element to the game, as well as beautifully crafted levels, characters and atmosphere. You also level up, which is an excellent addition, as well as picking up and changing your weapons and loadout.

Vermintide knocked our socks off, and all of us came away with a burning desire to get our hands on it. So it’s just as well that they released the beta of the game the day after EGX finished, wasn’t it? The release date for the full game is 23rd October 2015, so they aren’t mucking about. This thing is going to be in it’s full-featured-form very soon, and they were already talking about DLC.

Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide is being produced by Fatshark Games and is available in Beta form right now, with a full release on October 23rd 2015.



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