Cero Blade: So long and thanks for all the fish…

Published on September th, 2013

734d83d64da8021b54f8f69d68226f79Name: Cero Blade
Role: Ex Battle Master
XBL: CeroBlade
PSN: CeroMercer
Twit: CeroBlade
YT: CeroBlade


Hailing from the frozen wastelands of the north (Scotland), Gaming was the mistress that kept me warm at night, she held me close and helped me dream of adventures bold, of lives filled with a obstacles overcome with determination and perseverance and sometime of a dizzy egg trapped on an island!?.

Having a fairly eclectic taste in games though leaning more towards to the action / shooters and stealth based adventures and a strong love for survival horrors. Alone in the Dark, Thief and Doom were the childhood friends of choice, Although through the years I’ve been fairly mixed between all the gaming formats. I’ve never understood the idea of liking one format more than the other.

Hello I’m Cero and I’m a gamer…I real gamer not a subjective one. I’m not a format gamer or have a preference to one at the cost of another.

I’m not the greatest gamer in the world in fact I’m kinda modest about my gaming ability and can say I’m o.k at a few games. I’ll congratulate you for a good kill and will help where I can if you’re new and I can shed some light with the need to patronize you. Modest in a win and gracious in defeat…now with that said lets go kick some arse.