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Episode 37: Great Scott! It’s Episode 37!

Great Scott! It's episode...37? You read that right! This is the long lost episode 37. Kind of.

Episode 66: My Bathroom Is A Pokemon Dogging Site

Let the sausage party commence for the long awaited(ish) special video game movie episode! Before Rich, Ross, Lee and Lewis go straight for the main event they go through some of the usual features. Games: – Pokemon

Episode 65: Owl Binoculars – The E3 Special (Part 2)

Many moons ago, you may remember the biggest gaming event of the year, E3. Well this episode hears the returning El, Lee, Lewis and Rich continue their run down of what they did and didn’t like about

Episode 63: Sexy Bingo 63

The planets have aligned and a sexy rapture is upon us. All 5 members of the Ready Player 2 crew have descended upon their mics to talk about games, games news and play a game. Featured games:

Episode 62: Virtual Jam Flavoured Giraffe

As you may have heard in previous episodes, Lee likes VR. He REALLY likes it. So instead of water boarding you all of his invaluable VR knowledge over a series of episodes, we've decided that we'd unleash a gushing

Episode 61 – Got Rekt?

A troublesome trio of Lee, Lewis and Rich return to a regularly featured format! The guys talk about the games they played this week: – Overwatch (Beta). They also found this awesome site to Overwatch boost to

Ready Player 2: The Christmas Special

Tis the season to be festive…3 weeks late! In true Ready Player 2 fashion, here is the Christmas episode! The gang play a game based loosely on the popular BBC show all about lyi…based on Would I

Ready Player 2 Guest Show: Pixels, Barrels & Diaries

Hello there podcast fans, do we have a very special show for you. Being the super nice & sexy people we are, Rich & Lewie have decided to shine the spotlight away from the Ready Player 2 Team and focus instead on some

Three Twits Try Trine 3: Prologue (Part 1)

Lewis, Rich and Byron check out Trine 3 from FrozenByte (http://www.frozenbyte.com/games/trine-3-the-artifacts-of-power/). Please note that this game is currently in early access – gameplay footage may not represent the final product.

Episode 56: Intimacy with Candles & Vaseline

So here’s the sticky folks; we’ve recorded episodes and lost them (actually, I think we’re up to episode 90 technically?), so Rich & Lewie have decided to play it safe and record a short but intimate episode