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[Feature] How to solve a problem like Nintendo

If you listen to our podcast you will be well aware that I am a big Nintendo fan. It’s the console I grew up with and most, if not all, of my childhood gaming memories are on

Rejected Xbox one names

The original Xbox – as we know it – could have been called 11-X or Eleven-X. Seamus Blackley has revealed to Edge the list of names thought up for Microsoft’s first console, and also the battles he and his

Xbox Live “Ultimate Game Sale” Preview

Major Nelson is reporting a big Xbox Live sale starting next week Next week, the Xbox Live Marketplace will kick off their “Ultimate Game Sale” and they sent over this list of upcoming titles that are scheduled to

Angry Birds Trilogy coming to Wii and Wii U on August 16

Finally the killer App for Wii and Wii U is here , Angry Birds Trilogy – a collection featuring levels from Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio – will be released for Wii and Wii

Did Sony deliberately undercut Microsoft

Sony reportedly changed plans to include a camera with every PlayStation 4 console in order to present a cheaper console than Microsoft. Following the announcement that the Xbox One – which comes bundled with a new Kinect controller –

Xbox overtakes Wii in Sales

The Xbox 360 has become the best-selling console of this generation in the UK. MCV reports that the Microsoft console has shifted 8.4 million units, and will overtake the Wii in the next few days. Harvey Eagle, the Director of

Dead Rising 3 gets Xbox SmartGlass-only missions

Dead Rising 3’s Executive producer Josh Bridge has revealed in a interview to that the game will have a character only available on the smartglass app that the character will have his own story line and missions When

Metal Gear Solid 5 could integrate SmartGlass and Kinect

Kojima praised the Xbox One saying he is “really looking forward to the graphics power it is capable of.” Kojima expressed an interest in Microsoft’s SmartGlass, explaining that he looks forward to using “different devices to bring the hardcore

Next Gen Star Wars confirmed

Dead Space studio Visceral has begun hiring for its Star Wars game. According to a listing for a senior designer, the project is currently “in the earliest concepting phase of game development” and seeking a leader to

Xbox achievements for watching tv !?!

Xbox One is intended to combine users’ gaming and TV watching in a single device, but Microsoft’s plan to merge the two goes beyond sticking them in the same plastic casing. Last November, the company applied for