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EGX 2015: Best Indie Game

Unbox is a game that instantly grabs your attention, there was no way we could walk past it at EGX without our legs involuntarily stopping and our jaws working soundlessly while we tried to work out what

EGX 2015: Game of the Show!

If you haven't seen Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide yet (we just call it Vermintide, or "That awesome game with axes an' stuff") then get your face in gear and go check it out. We gave

Episode 54: Realtime Action Spanking

In this episode - Rich has gone missing so it's up to Lewie to take the reigns of this rabid horse drawn carriage of a show. Joining him are the two Welsh wonders El & Dave, along

[Review] [Vita] Surge Deluxe

Having never played the original Surge (released in December 2012 for PlayStation Mobile), all I was seeing from the screenshots was a series of blocks that you pop to get high scores and move on to the

Episode 24: Red Demon Space Babe… With Horns

Episode 24 is now live! Rich returns to the podcast this week, so be prepared for 30 mins of stream-of-consciousness from him, and also adjust your music player audio down a bit! We give you a recap

Episode 19: The Microwave of Malice

We have returned with yet another podcast – are you sick of us yet ? Anyway, on this week’s show we round up the news, we talk top 3’s, as well as answer your community questions. All

Episode 16: Push My Horn Button

Ready Player 2 returns with another installment of the world famous podcast, we are Lewisless this week but filling the breach is our friend Mr Chris Coleman, all the way from jolly old London town. We talk

Episode 15: A Colon Too Far

We are back just like we said we would be, its almost like you cant get rid of us! This week we bring you all the usual guff plus we answer your questions in our community segment.

Episode 13 Zebwen FM: All Rich all the Time

This week, we are mostly talking about… EuroGamer! Ross is partially dead, so Rich, Lewis and El plough through everything we saw this past weekend in London!

Episode 9: This Will Test You

GET EPISODE 8 IN YOUR EARS. This week we talk about: Loads of news! Esports for Idiots… A MILLION INDIE GAMES (Well… Fourteen). The penis powered controller… Things that GRIND OUR GEARS!