Episode 63: Sexy Bingo 63

The planets have aligned and a sexy rapture is upon us. All 5 members of the Ready Player 2 crew have descended upon their mics to talk about games, games news and play a game. Featured games:

Episode 62: Virtual Jam Flavoured Giraffe

As you may have heard in previous episodes, Lee likes VR. He REALLY likes it. So instead of water boarding you all of his invaluable VR knowledge over a series of episodes, we've decided that we'd unleash a gushing

Episode 61 – Got Rekt?

A troublesome trio of Lee, Lewis and Rich return to a regularly featured format! The guys talk about the games they played this week: – Overwatch (Beta) – Rise of the Tomb Raider – Space Pirate Trainer

Episode 60: DuckTales

v It’s been a long time since we last recorded and released and episode, so here is a new one! The episode features: – Lee talking about VR – Lewis talks about mobile games – El makes

Ready Player 2: The Christmas Special

Tis the season to be festive…3 weeks late! In true Ready Player 2 fashion, here is the Christmas episode! The gang play a game based loosely on the popular BBC show all about lyi…based on Would I

Episode 59: You Can’t Kill Ewoks?

  Coming at you like a rabid Monkey in a Mech suit, it’s another episode of Ready Player 2. It’s been a rocky road trying to get to episode 59 with some slip-ups along the way but

Player 2 Talks: Unboxing Unbox with Andrew Bennison

Joining us on this special episode is Andrew Bennison, from Propsect Games. The team behind our Indie Game of EGX 2015, Unbox! Rich and Ross probe Andrew about the development of Unbox, the Steam Greenlight campaign and

Ready Player 2: An Even Sexier EGX 2015 Special

When we last heard from the RP2 Crew, they were up to their waist in games from EGX, now it’s time to finish the job and drown Rich, Lewie & Lee in all the experiences from the

Ready Player 2: Sexy EGX 2015 Special

It's that time of year again where gamers of the UK and beyond make their annual pilgrimage to EGX. But what's this? Looks like London's Earls Court has been bulldozed and the expo has shifted to the

Gladiator Games: Why Don’t These Work?

No matter what changes in gaming, fighting will always be popular. While that tends to mean punch-and-kick martial arts action or shoot-em-up style battles, there's always been a place for sword slashing as well.