Gladiator Games: Why Don’t These Work?

No matter what changes in gaming, fighting will always be popular. While that tends to mean punch-and-kick martial arts action or shoot-em-up style battles, there's always been a place for sword slashing as well.

EGX 2015: Best Indie Game

Unbox is a game that instantly grabs your attention, there was no way we could walk past it at EGX without our legs involuntarily stopping and our jaws working soundlessly while we tried to work out what

EGX 2015: Game of the Show!

If you haven't seen Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide yet (we just call it Vermintide, or "That awesome game with axes an' stuff") then get your face in gear and go check it out. We gave

Episode 58: Parenting Tips With Nintendo

Welcome back to the podcast that’s more fun than checking sausages at the Prime Minister! So it’s been awhile since Dave left us for that much greener side of the grass (he’s doing very well by the way)

Episode 57: Feverish Plunger Romp

Whoa whoa whoa sweet child of mine, what in the greasy poop is going on here? It's a sign of the apocalypse, dogs and cats living together… MASS HYSTERIA! Basically Rich, Lewie, El & Dave are all

Ready Player 2 Guest Show: Pixels, Barrels & Diaries

Hello there podcast fans, do we have a very special show for you. Being the super nice & sexy people we are, Rich & Lewie have decided to shine the spotlight away from the Ready Player 2 Team and focus instead on some

Three Twits Try Trine 3: Prologue (Part 1)

Lewis, Rich and Byron check out Trine 3 from FrozenByte ( Please note that this game is currently in early access – gameplay footage may not represent the final product.

Episode 56: Intimacy with Candles & Vaseline

So here’s the sticky folks; we’ve recorded episodes and lost them (actually, I think we’re up to episode 90 technically?), so Rich & Lewie have decided to play it safe and record a short but intimate episode

Episode 55: SteamWorld Salty

This episode sees our intrepid steam driven podcasters joined by the fusion reactor cored juggernaut that is Brjann Sigurgeirsson! They talk about new upcoming releases, games development, Lewis being a Hearthstone puppet and, obviously, the upcoming game

Episode 54: Realtime Action Spanking

In this episode - Rich has gone missing so it's up to Lewie to take the reigns of this rabid horse drawn carriage of a show. Joining him are the two Welsh wonders El & Dave, along